Praise for Bruno!

It’s no revolutionary idea for me to point out that today, too many people abuse the hell out of photoshop. There’s liquify-tool overload, saturation levels gone through the roof and blurred skin gone terribly awry.  Now don’t get me wrong–I LOVE PHOTOSHOP! It’s such a great bit of software to help improve your images, but it just seems that some photographers have fallen into relying too heavily on post-production and not enough on capturing a great image.

One of my favorite photographers right now is Bruno Dayan. Not only does Bruno know how to properly use Photoshop, he also has the insane ability to capture a great shot consistently. You can just see how smooth and fluid his editing skills are when you look at his photos. He’s so convincing, for a brief moment when you see his work, you truly believe that real life is as colorful and whimsical as he makes it appear! Here’s some examples. What do you think?


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