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Ben Watts

Photographer Ben Watts is one of youngest successful fashion photographers of today. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing him for Maniac Magazine. His style is energetic and mostly influenced by street style graffiti and bold colors.  ffe0b3fae088c3f581d9f729ea3fe267b53b4ed6206923f24b69edcea2c89553 98e9b2e934ebae40fb3b68f0b9e6a66f 5ba27ae76a6fdf51d5c2114356d34e92marloeshorst10MarloesHorstforemElleFranceembyBenWatts


Flavia de Oliveira

Flavia de Oliveira wears bold, tropical shades in this summer shoot for Elle Spain. These intense hues and saturated colors are key for this time of year. Photos by Juan Aldabaldetrecu.